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Solar Power in Lake Macquarie: Affordable Prices and Professional Installers

Cardiff Solar Panels Installers - Let the Sun Shine on Your Home

Solar panel installation in the roof

Solar panels are a popular way for homes in Australia to reduce their energy bills. Cardiff Solar Panels Installers can help you in deciding on which solar panels to install in your home.

Around 15% of home in the Cardiff area have solar panels installed on their roofs. The Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI) says that the typical size of a solar energy system in Cardiff is around 2.93kW. Given that a standard rooftop in Cardiff gets around 4.8 hours of peak sunshine per day, solar panels are an excellent way to provide energy in a home. Systems tend to be about 80% efficient generally, which means that a solar panel system can provide lots of energy for a Cardiff home.

For example:

A 1.5kW solar system will produce around 5.76kWh of power when conditions are favourable.
A 3kW system produces around 11.52kWh a day
A 5kW system produces about 19.2kWh a day
a 10kW system produces about 38.4kWh a day

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    Reasons to Go Solar in Cardiff

    There are numerous objectives why people choose to go for solar panels in the Cardiff area.

    open space on ground solar panel installation

    Cardiff gets lots of sunshine

    It may have passed you by, but Cardiff gets a lot of sunshine. The Bureau of Meteorology states that the Greater Newcastle area in which Cardiff is located is Australia’s sunniest areas. It has an average of around seven hours of sunshine each day, with an average of 220 sunny days each calendar year. It means that there is a lot of solar energy to be had and converted into electricity to power your property. Joining the solar bandwagon and using clean energy is something that you should be thinking about doing today!

    a single solar panel in a clear blue sky background

    There are incentives from the federal government

    The area’s residents opt for solar energy as they can benefit from incentive from the Australian federal government. One such incentive is the Small-scale Renewable 1 Scheme (SRES). Small businesses and households are encouraged to install a small-scale renewable energy system such as solar, hydro, or wind power to avail of SRES benefits. Eligible families can also benefit by having support with the costs of purchasing solar energy for their home. It will also help with your electricity bills as well as your carbon emissions.

    on the ground solar panels installation

    Solar panels are affordable in Cardiff

    Solar power continues to be an affordable type of power in the city. Given that there is a lot of sunlight, you will have an abundance of solar energy creating electricity to keep your home running. Thus, there will be a reduction in your electricity bills! For Cardiff residents, solar power is a sensible choice

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    Solar panel systems provide attractive returns for households in Cardiff.

    Solar panels are a fantastic and remarkable property, especially if you view them as a property extension. The sheer cost of installing them and improving your home’s energy efficiency can add tremendous value to your home. Solar panels can undoubtedly be viewed as an investment in your property. What’s not to like about that?

    solar panels in a bright sunlight

    They can provide energy independence

    There is nothing more gratifying than generating your electricity. It is akin to growing your food in a vegetable plot or allotment in terms of satisfaction. You can produce electricity independently of the Australian grid with your supply

    How Do Solar Panels Work

    Solar energy is far from a new concept. However, solar power has recently gained much more prominence due to its affordable, renewable energy. It had led to improved solar technologies and widespread improvements in solar systems. Solar panels are now much more efficient at converting the energy in numerous applications. It is crucial to choose a solar panel installer with the latest and best products on the market to give you the most up-to-date technology and quality.

    Let us take a look at the technology and science behind solar power. Solar panels situated on the house roof capture the sun’s energy. They absorb sunlight using photovoltaic cells, which generates direct current (DC) and then convert it into usable energy in alternating current (AC) through Inverter Technology. It flows through the panel and is distributed to power outlets, providing the home with electricity and sometimes hot water. They do not necessarily need full sun to work; cloudy days can also produce energy. Solar panels are unable to provide electricity when there is no sunshine, such as nighttime. So, the majority of homes also stay connected to the National Grid. There are some advantages of staying connected as you can send any unused electricity back to the National Grid, effectively selling it on.

    When installing solar panels on a residential property, you should consider using a net meter to learn the amount of energy that the solar panel battery generates, how much gets consumed by your property, and how much you’re feedback to the national grid.

    Choosing Solar Panels in Cardiff

    Solar systems are top-rated in the power industry today. There are many options in terms of what equipment you need, and it can be hard in deciding when making a purchase. Let us help you in determining which is the best option for you.

    The photovoltaic system is straightforward, but setting it up can take a while. Quite often, such delays are due to permits and the time it takes in getting these. You will need to schedule appointments with utility companies, roofers and solar engineers, and installers to be cleared for a permit. Having all the documentation in advance is crucial. Likewise, you must have the financial resources available for the project.

    Choosing an Installer

    The solar panel system installer will determine a great deal about the battery performance of your solar panels. You must choose a reliable and creditable company to install your panels, such as Cardiff Solar Panels Installers, to complete your installation. Reputable companies such as ours have a team of experts that ensure the whole process will be smooth and straightforward.

    The amount of sunlight

    Of course, there is no doubt that Cardiff enjoys a great deal of sunlight. But sunlight naturally varies. For example, in the summer months, you may want much more sunlight than during the rest of the year. The amount of sunlight you can harness will also be affected by the size of the solar panels you install.


    Solar panel systems are cheaper than they have ever been before. Every installation cost between $25,000-$30,000, but now it costs around $6,250 to install a system operating at 5kWh. In working with Cardiff Solar Panels Installers, homeowners will receive competitive prices as we are committed to providing an affordable installation process.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cardiff Solar Panels Installers

    Will I need electricity off the National Grid?

    It will depend on your solar panel system capacity. Homeowners can generate varying amounts of electricity depending on many things. However, most properties will still need to receive some electricity from the national grid to compensate for a shortfall in solar energy, such as nighttime or in the winter months when there is reduced sunlight. Efficient solar systems can generate more than enough energy, which you could sell back to the national grid when you do not need it, which will help with costs when you need to buy power from the grid.

    What conditions do I need to consider that may affect my solar panel system?

    Nighttime and cloudy days are the main two conditions that affect your solar panel system’s capacity to produce electricity. Despite the lack of sunlight during these times, the system can continue to power the house with solar energy storage and net metering, depending on your system. Solar systems work on cloudy days, producing up to 25% of their electricity compared to the sunniest days.

    Do I need solar panels in Cardiff?

    Yes! Installing solar panels in Cardiff is a great idea! You can save as much as $400 each year per kW of solar energy produced. If you install an 8kW system, you can save up to around $3,400 a year! You can consistently add more solar panels to a system that has been installed. It may be necessary if your energy consumption increases for some reason.

    What is the current solar rebate in Cardiff, NSW?

    The NSW government announced a program called Empowering Homes, which offers interest-free loans for residents to assist in their purchases of solar systems. If eligible, residents can receive up to $9,000 for a storage battery and up to $14,000 for a solar photovoltaic and battery storage system.

    Do I need council approval to connect solar panels?

    It is now possible to install larger solar panels on your home’s roof without seeking council approval. It means more people will be encouraged to install solar energy systems in their homes and help to improve the region’s energy supplies.


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