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Morisset Solar Energy - Local Suppliers and Installer

Start enjoying the many benefits of having Lake Macquarie solar panels on your property with the help of Morisset Solar Energy. Our fully equipped and extensively trained team is here to assist you in installing an efficient solar power system that can help you reduce your power bills right away. Contact us to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote.

Full Solar Power Service, Installation & Maintenance

expert from Morisset Solar Energy installing solar panels on the roof

Morisset Solar Energy has been in the business of installing solar panels for both residential and commercial clients all over Morisset and the rest of Lake Macquarie. We also have clients across the Hunter Region who are now enjoying their solar systems installed.

If you are finding for the best solar companies in Lake Macquarie, look no further. Morisset Solar Energy is here to help you out. No solar installation job is too big or too small for us. Whether you’re planning to install a roof or ground-mounted solar panel system, solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, or any other solar product, let our team know, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you right away.


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    Solar Panel Installation from One of the Best Solar Installers Lake Macquarie

    Solar panels have grown very popular among Aussie homeowners because of the numerous benefits every household can take advantage of. Besides massive energy savings, you can also effectively reduce your carbon footprint since solar is a clean and green energy source.

    So if you’re looking into contributing for the benefit of Mother Earth, then solar is one great way to go. And there is no better solar panel company to work with to help you make your solar switch happen smoothly than Lake Macquarie’s most trusted solar installer, Morisset Solar Energy.

    expert Morisset Solar Energy doing installation in commercial building
    an efficient solar power system installed on the ground
    solar panel in the roof to help reduce energy costs
    expert from Morisset Solar Energy installing solar panels on the roof

    Reliable Solar Maintenance and Solar Repairs Lake Macquarie

    Besides the solar products we have mentioned above, our team is also extensively trained and experienced in solar maintenance and solar panel repairs in Lake Macquarie. Although solar panels are tough and very durable, they are expected to last decades with minimal supervision. They can, of course, get damaged or may become less efficient over time.

    If you believe that your solar panels are due for maintenance or need some repairs, the Morisset Solar Energy team will assist you right away. We maintain and repair the solar panels we install and those installed by other solar companies in Lake Macquarie.

    Top Solar Products to Consider for Your Property

    Because solar energy is so effective in helping reduce power bills and make homes more energy-efficient, there have been plenty of innovations in solar technology over the years. Among the top solar products, you may consider for your property are the following:

    Solar Panel Installations

    Among the most popular solar products are roof- and ground-mounted solar panels. These are the typical solar panel installations we see on residential and commercial properties. The solar energy absorbed by these panels is converted to electricity used to power electronics and appliances inside a home.

    Solar Water Heaters

    Traditional water heating systems consume a whole lot of power. Therefore, it is genuinely worth installing solar water heaters when you prefer having access to warm water anytime, all the time.

    Solar Pool Heaters

    Solar pool heating is an excellent alternative to electric or gas-powered pool heaters that usually consume plenty of expensive power.

    Solar Lights

    Brighten up your home from dusk ‘til dawn without having to pay even a dollar on energy. Solar lights are pretty inexpensive and easy to install.

    There are plenty more solar products such as sun tunnels or tubular skylights, solar batteries, and solar attic fans, among others that you can consider. Speak with the Morisset Solar Energy team to consult with an expert!

    How Much Does It Cost Install Solar Panels in Morisset NSW?

    Solar panel installations aren’t exactly the cheapest investments. Compared to the previous years when rebates and incentives from the government were more generous, some might think it is no longer as practical as before to install a solar panel system today. However, as earlier mentioned, NSW has some of the most affordable solar installations in the country. And the lack of those previous incentives does not eliminate all the other benefits of solar.

    Solar Choice gathered the average prices of solar panel costs by size all over the country. Among the six states and two territories in Australia, New South Wales is second only to Western Australia when it comes to the lowest prices in solar panel installations. A 3kW solar energy system costs $3,340, a lot lower than the national average of $4,020.

    The Benefits of Lake Macquarie Solar Panels for Homeowners

    Lake Macquarie enjoys plenty of sun most of the year, making solar panel systems beneficial for every property owner who opts to invest in them. If you need more reasons to switch to solar power for your home, here are even more benefits you should know about.

    ground-mounted solar panel system by Morisset Solar Energy

    Solar power is quite affordable in New South Wales.

    Although solar installations are not cheap, solar is more affordable in NSW than the national average. The national average for a 10kW solar installation costs $9,680, but solar installers in NSW usually quote an average of $8,760.

    panoramic shaped solar panels in a bright shining sun

    A solar power energy system adds value to your property.

    Aside from the fact that you can expect your energy bills to decrease significantly when you already use solar power for the majority of your household appliances and electronics, your solar panel system even adds to the value of your property. Many home buyers are now looking into energy-efficient homes. Therefore, there’s a significant demand for readily available solar-powered houses.

    solar panel installation in Newcastle for energy-efficient

    You can enjoy solar rebates and incentives.

    FITs or feed-in tariffs and STCs or Small-scale Technology Certificates are two of the solar incentives available for NSW residents.

    In addition, the NSW Government also offers a Low-Income Solar Scheme. This scheme enables eligible low-income households to exchange their $285/year Low Income Household Rebate with a 2.5kW solar power system for their home. 2.5kW may seem like a small installation. However, it is a great start when you’re switching to solar. You may save up to $600, which is more than double the amount a household could have gotten from the rebate.

    Morisset Solar Energy installing solar panels for both residential and commercia

    You’re doing Mother Nature a favour by reducing your household’s carbon footprint with solar power.

    There are now 988 solar installations in Morisset (2264). According to Energy Matters, these solar installations have a total of 2,376.46kW capacity. With an average of 10,551 kilowatts per hour of solar power generation daily, it is estimated that Morisset homeowners who use solar are collectively saving over $90,000 monthly. Even better, these system owners effectively avoid over 1,500 tonnes of gas-fired power or 3,851 tonnes of coal-fired power collectively that produces carbon emissions annually.

    Note that the average solar system size in Morisset is 2.41kW. It might be pretty small, but when many homeowners use solar power, the numbers multiply, resulting in tremendous savings and a vast reduction in Morisset’s carbon footprint.

    Our Meticulous Solar Panel Installation Process

    At Morisset Solar Energy, we take pride in our team of hardworking and knowledgeable solar installers, Lake Macquarie and tradies. We have all undergone extensive training and always come fully equipped to carry out all solar installation, no matter how big or small.

    Our solar installation process starts with a site evaluation to check the best solar design suitable for your property. We consider the angle of your roof if there’s any shade that may lessen the effectiveness of your solar power system together with the usual appliances you use and power consumption of your home. We will then secure the permits necessary so we can already begin the installation.

    solar panels above the water in Newcastle

    Do I need council approval to install solar panels in NSW?

    The original State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 of New South Wales required homeowners and commercial property owners to seek council approval before building large-scale solar systems on their property. However, to encourage more NSW residents to embrace the benefits of using renewable energy, this policy was amended in 2020. Today, NSW residents are allowed to install large-scale solar systems without council approval.

    When all solar panels are installed and secured, we connect them to an inverter that converts the DC power absorbed by the panels to AC power, which is used for common household appliances.

    There will also be a final inspection to ensure that everything is in place and safe before your solar panel system can finally be switched on.

    Contact Us for a Free Solar Estimate in Lake Macquarie Today!

    At Morisset Solar Energy, we are committed to delivering exceptional solar panel installation services in Morisset, Lake Macquarie, and the rest of the Hunter Region. We believe in our product, and we are passionate about taking advantage of all the benefits one can get from using power from a renewable energy source. Since we have much sunshine in New South Wales, let’s all enjoy significant savings and reduced carbon footprints by using solar power.

    Contact the expert solar installers in Lake Macquarie to speak with an expert and get a free solar estimate!


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