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Solar batteries in Newcastle

solar batteries

Newcastle Solar panels are the best when it comes to the supply and installation of your solar battery. We only use the best products and equipment when it comes to solar batteries. We can explain what type of battery would be suitable for your home or business.
We will guide you on the best battery to use and suit your home or business. We consider the number of appliances and lights you have: this will affect which type of battery we will recommend within our team.
The engineers who install your solar battery must be fully qualified to make sure they do a good job. We only deliver quality workmanship and guarantee it with our 5-year warranty on all installations. This means if anything goes wrong in that time, we can come out and fix it for free!


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    What is a solar battery?

    A solar battery is simply a battery charged by the sun and stores solar energy for use at a later date.
    Energy storage for solar panels has become more popular as we utilise new technology to make it easier for people to store their own energy. You are now able to charge your batteries with either renewable energy or non-renewable sources such as the national grid. This means you are less reliant on traditional electricity supply companies. The idea behind this is that if there is an excess of electricity created through the generation process, it can be stored to be used during peak hours when demand is high. This will help reduce energy prices because suppliers would have access to cheaper power being sold off at times of low demand.

    Why should I use solar batteries?

    Using solar batteries is important because it is estimated that by 2020, it will be too late for people to take advantage of the savings made using a solar battery. This is because more and more houses are using renewable energy without storage systems which negates any true financial benefits from the switch. Once you have a solar battery installed, you can cut your monthly electricity costs and have access to power even when there is a blackout.

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    How often will I need to replace my batteries?

    Solar batteries should last between 10-20 years, depending on how they are used and maintained. The main point at which you would likely need to change your batteries is if they fail completely due to overcharging or incorrect charging management. If this happens, all stored charges within the batteries.
    To ensure that your battery lasts longer, you should ensure that you don’t expose it to prolonged high temperatures. Solar batteries are an expensive replacement part, so it’s best not to risk your battery failing before its time. It is important that the solar batteries you choose are up to the job needed for your solar system and will meet all current industry standards.

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    How do I know if I need a solar battery?

    A faulty or old battery in your existing solar power system can cause problems when the weather is cloudy, or you have insufficient sunlight for your panels to generate enough electricity. You may find yourself unable to use certain appliances during these times because there isn’t enough electricity stored in your battery.
    Also, if your battery is old, it may not be able to hold its charge for as long. This means you will lose power more quickly.
    A battery can become faulty if it doesn’t meet the standards, age (older batteries are more likely to fail), or is exposed to incorrect charging. There can also be problems with the connection between your solar PV panels and the batteries, which can cause issues that need fixing.

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    What type of Solar Battery do I need?

    There are three main types of solar batteries on the market today: Flooded Lead Acid Batteries – These are widely used due to their low cost per volume, but they last around 3-5 years at most, so they must be replaced regularly.
    The second type of battery is the Gel Lead Acid Battery. This battery is more expensive than the Flooded Lead Acid and has a longer life cycle of 5-7 years, but it also requires careful charging and maintenance.
    The final type is the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery which is the most advanced battery on the market today with a lifespan of up to 10 years with lower maintenance costs, fewer charge cycles and no need for water refilling.

    Why Choose Newcastle Solar Panels?

    At Newcastle Solar Panels, we prioritise the needs of our customers and ensure that we deliver the best possible product at the most competitive prices. Being a specialist in solar batteries, we are able to provide our clients with value for money by utilising our buying power and cutting out the middle man. We research all of our products thoroughly before selecting the best quality product at the right price.
    The team is very knowledgeable about their products, which allow us to offer prompt customer service and free site surveys and no-obligation quotes. We deliver Australia wide daily, which means you can get your battery delivered when it suits you.


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